Buck, Farnhill, Shaw, Sutton, Sutcliffe,  and related families

These families were originally investigated as a result of an enquiry regarding the Shaw family on another, now defunct, website.   It turned out that the Herbert Shaw who was the subject of the query was not related to my Shaw line but by then I had documented a few generations of Shaws, Sutcliffes and Farnhills.   A further enquiry then led me to dig deeper into some of the branches I had overlooked and to also trace the Bucks and Suttons.

Later I expanded my research into the Suttons and have updated the site to reflect this.   In doing so, tracing the Nancy who had married John Sutton became important as information conflicted slightly with some found on the Web concerning a Nancy Swindlehurst who had married a John Sutton.   Much co-lateral and associative research suggests strongly that it was the right family.   I have set out my reasoning for this which may not be obvious from a simple examination of the tree.

I came across no particularly interesting stories while researching these families, there is one character - Thomas Buck (1798-1863) who appears in censues first as a Barrister's or Attorneys Clerk but who then progresses to High Bailiff of the County Court in the 4th or Lancashire Circuit - effectively in charge of the collection of debts.

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Bob Calvert
March 2014