I first came across the Gibson family through an item in a local newspaper and as a result I tried to find out more about the family.   This proved to be a fascinating subject for research and these pages should explain more about them.   There is a comprehensive set of linked pages showing the basic genealogy of the family and some narratives I put together to tie it all together.

The Gibson Story.
Haworth Family - this explores the history of the connection with Brazil.
The Will of Adam Haworth.
Lawrence Heyworth was a South American merchant from Newchurch in-Rossendale with whom Adam Haworth was in partnership.  He was probably the inspiration for Adam Haworth and subsequently Henry Gibson to go to Brazil.

Explore the Gibsons and related families.

Some of the data from this site is also available in Portuguese on a Website run by one of Henry Gibson's Brazilian descendants - the site is : and there is more detail there on the Brazilian Gibsons and D'Oliveiras (Henry Gibson's wife's family).