Crabtree Families

My delving into the Crabtree family was instigated as a result of an email in June 2015:
I am quite impressed with your ancestral history of the Gibson family.
I have seen your paragraphs concerning the Heyworth Bros company in South America...
My specific interest is in James Crabtree who was designated a junior partner to Heyworth Brothers in South America. Evidently he married one of the Heyworth sisters (Margaret) in 1850. Do you know anything about him and his subsequent family?
Thank you for your attention .

Subsequent correspondence suggested that this James Crabtree was related to a famous American actress and charitable benefactress, and was the direct ancestor of a person still alive.

Though my original researches into merchant families from the Rossendale area trading in South America was peripheral to my Gibson research I decided to look further into this to see what the connection was.

The story begins in Lancashire, as does most of my research, but moves to South America with the Heyworths and some Crabtrees from the Rossendale area and to the USA with an unrelated set of Crabtrees with Bacup connections.

Read "The Crabtree Hunt" - it explains how I researched the families and the important logic in connecting individuals to ceate the family trees

Explore the family trees of the Crabtrees, Liveseys, Heyworths and a raft of related families including a few Starkies from the Gisburn area in Lancashire.   The Starkies are not, as far as I can discover, related the the Huntroyd line of Starkies but the name Starkie does form an important link in discovering what happened to the Liveseys who left England for the USA. 

Bob Calvert
November 2015